Water proofing admixture


abcAQUAGUARD is a liquid polymerized water proofing admixture. abcAQUAGUARD is white colored semi paste liquid based on reactive additives with anti corrosive properties. abcAQUAGUARD is chloride
free and does not affect the concrete.


abcAQUAGUARD is permeability reducing admixture for use with all type of morter and concrete mixes
it is particularly suitable for use in ready mixed concrete and all types of structural concrete.


  • Highly water proffer
  • Improves the workability of concrete Improves surface finishing,
  • allows to produce denser concrete Reduces drying shrinkage cracks,
  • bleeding and segregation of concrete
  • Anti-rust and auto remover
  • Corrosion free concrete for ETP, WTP etc.
  • Anti fungal and anti microbial


  • Basement,
  • Retaining wall,
  • Water tanks,
  • Tunnels,
  • Culverts,
  • Swimming pools,
  • WTP,ETP etc.

Technical data:


Colored : white
Form : semi paste liquid
Chloride content : nil
Specific gravity : 1.15
PH : 8±l
Freezing point (°c) : 12
Type : A & S