Integral water proofer for concrete and mortar.


abcAQUAGUARD-HWP100 is a liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress. It is based on a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate.


Water Proofer For Concrete and morter.

abcAQUAGUARD-HWP100 has been specially formulated to give high water reductions up to 20%
without loss of workability or to produce high quality concrete of reduced permeability.


  • Provides resistance to water penetration either under
    hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption
  • Increased durability
  • Reduced sulphate attack & Reduced efflorescence
  • bleeding and segregation of concrete
  • Improved cohesion, reduce segregation
  • Improved surface finish


  • Site Mixed Concrete,
  • Can be used in all structure concrete that is constantly or intermittently in concrete with
    water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structure and pre-cast concrete in exposed
  • Can be used as waterproofing cum plasticizing admixture for cement mortars and plasters.

Technical data:

Color : Dark Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.17±0.02 at 25o C
Chloride Content : Below 0.001%
PH : 6.5 – 8
Viscosity : 450+200 cps
Salt Scaling Resistance : 90% – 95%

Standard Compliance:

Surface absorption of water, BS 1881:reduction of 60-80% abcAQUAGUARD-HWP100 complies with IS 9103:1999
abcAQUAGUARD-HWP100 conforms to ASTM C-494,Type “A”, Type “D”.