High early strength, high range water reducing/super plasticizing admixture for precast concrete


abcPLASTICAST-QC300 is a super plasticizer for high performance
concrete, high strength concrete high volume fly ash slag concrete
and grouting, self-leveling screed mortar.


Provides resistance to water penetration either under hydro-static pressure or capillary absorption


  • Good workability for long distance transportation
  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • High water reduction and High ultimate strength
  • Pumped concrete


  • Increased durability
  • Reduced sulphate attack
  • Reduced efflorescence
  • Improved cohesion, reduce segregation
  • Improved surface finish
  • Reduced shrinkage crack in plasters.

Technical data:

Color : Yellowish Viscous Liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.17±0.02 at 25o C
Chloride Content : Below 0.001%
PH : 6.5 – 8
Form : Liquid
Salt Scaling Resistance : Excellent

Standard Compliance:

abcPLASTICAST-QC300 conforms to ASTM C-494, Type “E” & Type “F”