High strength for Block


abcBLOCKMIX is low dosage admixture, after using it, Cement concrete set and harden firstly, Initial and final setting intervals short. This product can well suit cements.


This Product ideal for Hollow Block, Cement Bricks, Block etc. It Increased Resistant during & after making hollow Block, Cement Bricks, Block


  • Construction joint (basement, tanks etc.) and all kind of old & new concrete joint.


  • abcBLOCKMIX provides the following benefits to fresh and hardened concrete.
  • The hardening concrete has good Compactness and good permeability; it also can make up high-strength shotcrete.
  • Smooth Finishing.
  • Make fireproof coating of all kinds structures, as well as waterproof plugging.


Desired dosage of abcBLOCKMIX should be Determined with trial mixes. As a guide a dosage
ranges of 250 ml to 300 ml per 50 kg of cement.

Technical data:

Color: Light Yellows
Specific Gravity: 1.07±0.02 at 25o C
Chloride Content: Below 0.001%
PH: 6.5 – 8
Form: Liquid
Salt Scaling Resistance: Excellent

Standard Compliance:

abcBLOCKMIX conforms to ASTM C-494, Type ‘E’.
It can meet requirements and indicators of JC477-2005.