Salinity control & damp proofing admixture


abcRHEOPLAST is an excellent Salinity control and damp profing admixture.


It is chloride free Salinity control and damp proofing admixture.


  • For plaster: Prepare a grouting with proportion of 1 liter abcRHEOPLAST, 10-12 liter water and 12.5 kg cement.
  • Cleaning the surface properly and apply grouting with jute brush and broom over the exposed concrete or brick
    surface (before plaster).
  • After that prepare sand cement mortar for plastering work using admixture as
    abcRHEOPLAST, 250 ml with 50 kg cement.


  • Inproves Surface Finisher,
  • corrosion Free, Reduces
  • Drying Shrinkage Cracks,
  • bleeding and segregation.

Technical data:

Color : white
Form : semi paste liquid
Chloride Content : Nill
Specific gravity : 1.15
PH 6.5-8
Freezing point (°c) : 12
Type : A & S