Water reducing admixture


abcPLASTISOL is an excellent plasticizer and waterreducing admixture, which gives high workability to produce dense, compact and honeycomb free concrete resulting in saving of cement cost. Reduces W/C ratio by 10% to 15%, increases workability, higher cohesion, easier placing, reduces risk of segregation and bleeding, better compaction & finishing, increases strength and durability.


It is chloride free and based on plasticizing admixture.


  • Pilling,
  • Footing,
  • Columns,
  • Beams,
  • Slabs,
  • Floor hardener,
  • cement mortar etc.


  • Improves both early and ultimate strength
  • Anti-rust and auto remover
  • Improves surface finish, allows producing denser concrete.
  • Reduces drying shrinkage cracks, bleeding and
    segregation of concrete.
  • Corrosion free concrete & water and damp proffer
    Anti fungal & anti microbial

Technical data:

Color : white
Form : semi paste liquid
Chloride Content : Nill
Specific gravity : 1.12
PH 8±l
Freezing point (°c) : 12
Type A

Instruction for use:

Add abcPLASTISOL to the mixing water. Do not add directly to the cement or dry mixture.