Salinity control & damp proofing admixture


abcRAINBOND is a liquid concrete admixture. abcRAINBOND prevents the conduction of heat through
concrete. It has highly concentrated waterproof and other additive that helps the concrete to be workable, durable, water tight and water resistant by filling the pores of the concrete through polymerization.


It protects concrete from the destructive effect of acid rain.


  • Roof of residential buildings,
  • Cold storage,
  • Hotel,
  • Factory,
  • Hospital etc.


  • Water damp proofing and Heat Proofing
  • Bacteria and fungi resistant
  • Reduces drying shrinkage cracks, segregation of concrete
  • Makes the concrete more durable

Technical data:

Color : white
Form : semi paste liquid
Chloride Content : Nill
Specific gravity : 1.2
PH : 8±l
Freezing point (°c) : 12