High range water reducing super plasticizer admixture for concrete.


abcPLASTISOL-P200 is the main material for the concrete admixture.
It shows the high water reducing effect based on Sulphonated Napthalene Polymers.


abcPLASTISOL-H2R125 is based on Sulfonate Naphthalene Polymers and supplied as a dark brown liquid. abcPLASTISOL-H2R125 has been specially formulated to give water reductions up to 15% without loss of workability or to produce concrete of reduce permeability.


  • Site Mixed Concrete
  • To produce concrete with extreme workability characteristics.
  • To maintain minimum water cement ratio in concrete
  • To produce high grade concrete and above by water reduction in the concrete mix.
  • Design high performance grout and wet shot create mixes.


  • Substantial improved in workability.
  • Improved cohesion and particle dispersion minimizes segregation  bleeding and improved pumpability
  • Improved density and surface finish
  • Feasible to use to make good fare face concrete
  • Chloride free dose not attack reinforcement and pre stressed cable.

Technical data:

Color : Dark Brown Liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.15±0.02 at 25o C
Chloride Content : 0.0%
PH : 4.5 +1.0
Viscosity : 450+200 cps
Salt Scaling Resistance : 90% to 95%

Standard Compliance:

abcPLASTISOL-H2R125 complies with IS 9103 & EN 934-2
abcPLASTISOL-H2R125 conforms to ASTM C-494, Type “A”.